Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello, Gorgeous!

The other week I posted about my must have fall item, riding boots. In case you missed it you can read that post here. Of course once I get an idea in my head I have to make it happen, so just a few days after my original post I went shopping. I had received a DSW coupon in the mail for $20 off (!) and it was about to expire. Obviously the right thing to do would be go to DSW and see what I could buy. I mean who would waste a $20 coupon?! I don't always have luck at DSW but they had tons of boots in stock. I was really excited to have so many options to try on, and everything was available in my of the advantages of shopping for fall items in the summer. By the way, it is totally frustrating that you have to start shopping 2-3 months ahead of a season so you can get what you want before it is sold out. Have you noticed that? For example Hobby Lobby has had Christmas decorations out for weeks now. If I wait until October (which I think would be the appropriate time to start thinking about Christmas decorations) to shop I can bet that they would all be on clearance and completely picked over. There is something wrong with that in my opinion, it seems like our world is happy to live in fast forward. What happened to living in the moment and enjoying the now? But anyway, before I get too deep, back to the boots!

The pair I chose are made by Matisse and all things considered were a pretty good in general are just expensive, but the DSW discount price plus my coupon made the cost bearable.

What do you think? I can't wait for fall and to start wearing my fabulous new riding boots! Now I just need some cute new outfits to pair with the boots. Hmm, I guess I have more shopping in my future! ;)

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