Monday, October 29, 2012

Say what? A butter mold!

Firstly, I am so sorry for falling off of the face of the earth for a few weeks! After my last post, Sickie Poo, I was sick for almost 2 weeks and then I got seriously overwhelmed at work. I am just beginning to resurface...

I was sitting down the other evening reading my newest issue of Southern Living (you can read about my magazine obsession here) and I came across the most amazing thing...

WhysperFairy via ETSY
A butter mold! How Southern can you get?! This amazing little gadget comes from Julie of WhysperFairy. Click here to visit her ETSY shop and get one for yourself. She has lots of other molds too (not just for butter), and they are all super reasonably priced.

Of course I immediately felt like I needed this butter mold for the nonexistent many times that I entertain. Seriously though I love to entertain and I don't get to do it enough.

Being a fall girl (I talk about that here and here) I love love love the autumn themed butter pats. Wouldn't these be so beautiful on your Thanksgiving table?!

WhysperFairy via ETSY
You may be wondering why you should be molding your butter into cute little shapes or classy monograms, but I wonder....why not! That is the fun of entertaining. You don't need a reason. These molds are an easy and inexpensive way to add a wow factor to your table and make your guests feel extra special.

So get molding ladies and enjoy the title of hostess of the year. No thanks needed. :)

*Pictures used with permission. Everything in this post is of my own opinion and was not solicited. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sickie Poo

Well it's that time of the year again...I made it through the first month of school and the germs finally got to me. Nothing major, just a bug that has me feeling yucky. The worst is that tired achy feeling being sick gives you. This morning (before I started feeling really bad and left work) I decided to stop at Starbucks for a little feel better drink. Did you know that they have special concoctions they will make for you when you are sick {you could order them anytime really, but like ginger ale I can only drink them when I don't feel well}? Different baristas have different recipes that they make, so here are some I have come across so far...I made the names up, but the combos come straight from the baristas at my local Starbucks:

Apple Chai
Steamed apple juice
1 Chai tea bag
2 packets of honey
*this is what I had this morning and it was wonderful

Apple Refresher
Steamed apple juice
1 Refresh tea bag
2 packets of honey

Sinus Buster
1 Calm tea bag
1 Refresh tea bag
2 packets of honey
Steep in hot water

Lemon Sinus Buster
Steamed lemonade
1 Calm tea bag
1 Refresh tea bag
2 packets of honey

Lemon Calm
Steamed lemonade
1 Calm tea bag
2 packets of honey

Lemon Refresh
Steamed lemonade
1 Refresh tea bag
2 packets of honey

You can have any of them with or without honey, but I think it is soothing for a sore throat and always like to add it to my sickie drinks.

Hopefully you don't need to enjoy these any time soon, but if you do I hope they help. Do you have any soothing sickie beverages you drink?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feeling Thrifty

So my latest wild hair (read about my tendencies for a wild hair here) was to start thrifting. I have a long history with antiquing as I was "dragged" along to antique shops with my mom, aunt, and grammie throughout my entire childhood. I always thought these trips were boring, and the only thing that made it worthwhile was browsing the estate and costume jewelry glittering up from the cases at me (I've been a girly girl from the start). To me thrifting and antiquing are practically the same, but thrifting includes finding more recent second hand items and using them as they are, or repurposing and up-cycling them into something new.

I was inspired to start thrifting after reading an article in the October 2012 issue of Southern Living Magazine about "The Southern Table". In one of the table settings there were some beautiful green goblets that the hostess got for 25 cents each at Goodwill! What a deal! And if a southern woman featured in Southern Living (the ultimate guide to southern entertaining, dining, traveling, gardening, and decorating, in my opinion) could buy glassware for entertaining at Goodwill then why couldn't I?!

I have compiled a fabulous list of local thrift and antique shops to check out, all of which came from suggestions by friends. While I have been to a few so far, my best discovery was at a place that I happened upon on my own, Hickory Creek Antiques in Ashland, Virginia.

I knew when I walked into the store that this was a fabulous place. We were greeted by one of the owners who had just put out a fresh pot of coffee and homemade cookies (side note: I love good customer service, in part because it seems to be so hard to come by these days--do I sound like a crotchety old lady here?!). The space for the antique mall was a good size and there was a nice variety of items. Some primitive, some traditional, and some collectors items. The prices on most things were very reasonable too. The owners were kind, welcoming, and willing to work with us. {My aunt ended up getting a bowl that was marked not for sale but they worked something out with the vendor for her}

As we were browsing around I spotted a table and went over to check it out. On the tag were 2 pieces of very important information: the table was a 1928 sewing stand and the price was $65. Yes, $65!!!!!!! It was in beautiful condition and I could not believe how inexpensive it was.

I caught up with my mom and aunt to tell them about my find and then continued shopping around. But, I could not stop thinking about the table. Yes I had no place for a table, but that didn't matter, I had to have it before someone swooped in and got it. So, I zoomed back to where it was and staked my claim. No really, I put my hand on it and would not walk away. At this point my mom and aunt are still talking and shopping around the corner. "Mom....Aunt Kathy....Guys....Hello....Can you please go get someone to help me....?" Cue kind owner who previously offered us cookies and coffee. He asked me if he was allowed to get near it since I was so intent on guarding it. I didn't realize I looked that serious about it...

As if $65 wasn't a good enough deal, I told him that I noticed several other booths were having a Columbus Day Weekend sale, and I wondered if there was any way we could do better on the price. {For me making a deal on an item is part of the fun of's just part of the game.} Lucky me, they gave me 10% off!

Here is a picture of my new table all dressed up. {I made it my new sofa end table, and more good news, the old end table is going to get sold at our yard sale this weekend...fingers crossed}

Isn't it gorgeous?! And that luscious lamp...

Both the lamp and the shade are from Target and together cost $50. The basket you see under the table above is my new magazine and book basket that I got at Homegoods for $13. That means for an entire new look I {*and my mom and my aunt Kathy...thanks for spoiling me! :)} spent $121.50. Talk about thrifty!!

And now for a close up of the beautiful wood grain on my solid wood 1928 sewing table that was $58.50...I did mention all that, didn't I?!

Some people might mind the split down the middle where the table opens for the sewing machine to fit in, but not me. I love that it is part of the table's story. I like to wonder where it came from and who used it. I am just dorky like that when it comes to old places and things.

Do you like my new look?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cheers to Fall!

This past weekend I was so happy to have my family in town. Every year during Columbus Day weekend we have "fall family fun weekend" where my parents, aunt and uncle, and grammie come into town (we were missing a few of you this time!). Cheesy name I know, but that's what I call it. There were lots of fun adventures that I will share with you in the next few weeks, but for tonight I want to give you Pumpkin Pie Cordials.

I have always been a little afraid of creamy liqueurs. And milky liquor just seems wrong and weird and gross and wrong. But, my mom brought a bottle of pumpkin liqueur as a hostess gift and being a brave eater and drinker (I will try most things once), and a lover of all things fall and pumpkin, I kept an open mind.

On the evening we opened up the bottle I decided to create a Pumpkin Pie Cordial. I used small glass and added a few shots of the pumpkin liqueur (can be found at any liquor store this time of the year) and topped it with whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. Viola! Pumpkin Pie Cordials. The result was delicious! It was creamy and pumpkiny and warm and spicy, and had just a bit of a kick too.

I am still scared of creamy liqueur in general, but pumpkin liqueur is ok by me. My next adventure with it will be a Pumpkin Pie Hot Toddy (good for a nightcap): a cup of decaf coffee with a shot of pumpkin liqueur topped with my trademark whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice. Delish!