Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hello, yellow!

A few months ago I came across this picture on Pinterest:


And so began my love affair with a yellow front door. I couldn't get that door off of my mind...I had to have it! Because our house has hardboard siding it means that it needs to be repainted every so often so that the boards stay in good shape. Well, wouldn't you know it is time for our house to be repainted...hello, yellow!

Today we stopped by Benjamin Moore (this is the paint our painter uses--Hubby and I are not DIYers, especially when it comes to painting a house!) and I think we have decided on our color scheme. I am loving Benjamin Moore's Platinum Gray for the siding and Hawthorne Yellow for the door. The Hawthorne Yellow seems to be the perfect buttery shade that I am looking for. If we are being honest here, I also like that it is one of Benjamin Moore's Spring/Summer 2012 Pottery Barn colors...I am a little obsessed with Pottery Barn. We would do the trim white and the shutters black. I am a classic girl and love that this would still be classic on our colonial style house but the yellow will add a fun modern twist.

Do any of you have or dream of a fun colored front door? What do you think of my paint choices? Once the painting is done (sometime this summer) I will post a before and after pic!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Blueberries

I l-o-v-e fresh fruit, and summer is a fruit lovers dream! This week I picked up a huge container of blueberries at Costco. They are super sweet and delicious, but I was worried about them going bad before I could eat them all (I am still convincing the hubby about the wonderfulness of fruit). Thankfully I had Pinterest to save the day and I found this blog post about preserving fresh berries. Score! I used my 1/4 cup measuring cup to measure out one part white vinegar and ten parts water into my bowl (side note: I seriously love all of the uses around the house for vinegar, but that is for another day). I dropped the berries in and swirled them around. After pouring them into a colander I chose to rinse them with fresh water because I am neurotic like that and I didn't want my blueberries to taste like vinegar. 5 days and counting and the berries are still fresh and delish!

I have been using my blueberries to make a quick and easy breakfast this week. I love using Greek yogurt because of the added protein. I started buying the plain yogurt in a large size container because it is cheaper than buying the individual containers, and you can add lots of goodies to make your own flavor at home. Added bonus: this saves you the extra sugar and calories you get when you buy the kind with fruit already mixed in. I add a little sweetener to the yogurt to tone down the tartness. I have been using Stevia because I like that it comes from a natural source and does not contain aspartame. Honey is another yummy natural sweetener. Once my yogurt is sweetened up I toss in my fresh berries, and breakfast is done. My yogurt recipe changes based on what I have in my pantry (from basic to froofy),  but this week I am keeping it fast, yummy, and easy!

Do you make your own yogurt recipes at home? What are your favorite mix ins?