Saturday, January 19, 2013

Butter Me Up

Happy Saturday friends! This morning as I was getting ready, and slathering on one of my favorite beauty products, I realized I better share it with you all so you are not missing out. This fabulous little product is Shea Cashmere Body Cream from the True Blue Spa line at Bath and Body Works.

I am kind of a beauty product junkie and tend to collect tons of beauty products that admittedly don't always get used up. But, this is one product that I use all the way up and then buy more of. It is that amazing. It is very thick and creamy like a body butter but it does not leave any greasy residue behind. It leaves my skin so soft and it smells delish! On the BBW website they describe the scent as "an addictive blend of sweet Tahitian vanilla, whipped shea and golden amber." 

It is a little pricey at $17.50, but if you have ever been into Bath and Body Works you know that they are always having some kind of special deal. Right now this product is listed on their website as buy 2 get 1 one free. If you get a deal like this make sure you test it out before telling friends and family that you have more body cream than you know what to do with and letting them call dibs. After you try it I think you may just want to save all of the containers for yourself, especially if you are like me and are starting to get flaky dry winter skin!  

Happy pampering! 

*this post is all my own opinion and was not solicited by Bath and Body Works

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