Monday, August 6, 2012

Boots, Boots, Boots

Some of you may know this already, but I live for Fall. It is my absolute most favorite time of the year. I start to get ready for it around the end of July. Yes, July. Don't get me wrong I enjoy each of the seasons and I l-o-v-e a beach vacation, but once I get in that week at the beach, bring it on Fall.

I love everything about Fall. The cooler crisp air, wearing jeans (I could live in jeans-more on that another day), fall scents (check out my Scentsy site!), fall decorations, colored leaves, a fire in the fireplace, apples, apple picking, hot apple cider, cold apple cider, fried shrimp broiled shrimp...sorry I got caught up in the moment (a little Forest Gump allusion--its my hubby's favorite--are you here reading this honey?!)

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about boots. So another thing I love about Fall is Fall fashion. I love jeans or leggings with sweaters, cozy flannels, down vests, etc AND a good pair of boots. My last boot fashion was my tall slouch boots. But this Fall I MUST have a pair of tall riding boots. Here are some of my favorites that I have found (warning--some of these boots should come with a free deposit into your checking account, ie. they are really expensive, but a girl can dream, right?):

Frye Paige Tall Riding
Lacoste Rosemont 5 Tall Boots

Spirit by Lucchese Annie Boot
Coconuts Blakely Riding Boot

Can you guess which ones I like the best? I'll give you a hint...they are the most expensive ones. Isn't that always the way it goes?!? Its seriously frustrating. Now that I have my boots picked out, here are some of my favorite Fall fashions that include tall riding boots:

Classic and Preppy

Cozy Casual Love
A Big Scarf and Pearls?!
All of these fashions and more can be found on my Pinterest board, Get In My Closet! And, now I feel the need for a shopping spree...

Are you into riding boots? Which ones are your favorites? Any other fall lovers out there? Can't wait to hear from you! 


  1. ooooo I totally agree with the boots and leggings.....if only I didn't have to wait until December to wear them in Texas!

    1. Oh, Darby! That would be so hard for me to do! I have trouble making it to the beginning of September I am so ready for Fall to be here! :)

  2. Gahhh, Sister! Now all I want to do is go on a shopping spree with you! But, such funds currently exist in my bank account. However, I totally agree with you on the boots obsession! I soooo want a pair of riding boots for the Fall! I particularly love the Coconuts Blakely pair...I'm into the little buckle addition at the bottom. Love all the fashion looks as well! Comfy yet totally adorbs!

    P.S. Love you!

    1. Thanks, sister! The pair I got today remind me a little of the Coconuts ones. Buckles definitely seem to be in style. Thanks for your text assistance in the store! :) Love you!