Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Randomness

Hi friends. Thanks for stopping in for Tuesday Randomness! This week is entitled the pregnancy edition...

First, I am really really irritated by the weather situation, as is every other teacher in Central Virginia. I was so in the spring spirit and then I was taunted to get on the snow day train. Once I was there...BAM! No more snow. How rude! How will my laundry ever get done now?

At this moment I am craving homemade meatloaf with mashed potatoes and biscuits (the biscuits are all because of you, Crissy!) AND pecan pancakes, bacon, and orange juice from Cracker Barrel. Oh my...

Speaking of orange juice my citrus craving is still going strong. I stopped on the way in to work this morning to get orange juice because I just had to have some. Yummy!

Warning, TMI about to happen...preggy friends that read my blog, maternity underwear are the best invention ever. If you have not ventured there yet, run waddle to your nearest maternity store and get some. I am not kidding. Now. I could go on and on, but I won't. You're welcome.

I am starting to get a little stressed about all of the things I need to get done before baby is here. One of my current projects is researching birthing options and thinking about making a birth plan. I am very interested in a natural birth, so that is what I am reading about now. Here is what I got at the library this afternoon:

Once I complete some of my reading and research I am going to be doing a post over on The Belly Blog at What's In My Belly. When it's up I'll make sure to share so you can see what I've learned. Until then, time to get reading!

Yesterday I had my 24 week appointment. Everything went well and baby and I got a good report. BTW, baby's name is Emma. :)

Hope your Tuesday was random and wonderful!

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  1. Sarah you are the cutest mamma! Can't wait to read all about your research!

    1. Aw, thanks! I have a lot of reading to get done. :)

  2. you are still so tiny at 24 weeks! i birthed my son naturally and it was the most amazing experience. i will never ever have a birth with drugs now. :) have you tried prenatal yoga? i practiced 1-2 times a week from when i was 14 weeks and that helped a great deal when i went into active labour. :)

    1. I have not. It is something I always wanted to try, but our gym doesn't offer it, and it's not in the budget on top of our monthly gym bill. :( I have been taking a regular yoga class and am keeping up with exercise so I can stay flexible and in good shape! Thanks for stopping in!