Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Smile On

The other week at work I went to the teacher station in the cafeteria to fill up my water cup with ice. When I got there there was a bright blue sticky note stuck right to the front of the top shelf. It looked something like this:

I am not sure who put it there, and when I commented on it, the ladies who work in the cafeteria were not sure either.

I was having a fine day {I was not in need of any cheering up} but how can you help but be uplifted when you see something like this?

It really made me stop and think about how simple acts of kindness can impact others. Although I was already having a good day, imagine how someone who was in a rough place may have been brightened by seeing that. It's the "ripple effect" never know how many people may be affected and in what way by your actions.

So, to whoever left this note, thank you for the bright spot in my day.

This note inspired me to be more proactive about spreading acts of kindness and positive words to others. Wouldn't it be fabulous to happen upon a note like this with a similar uplifting message? Imagine finding one on the mirror in a public bathroom, waiting in your shopping cart at Target, sitting next to the box of cereal you're about to pick up in the grocery store, stuck in your locker at the gym, or in any other surprising location.

How would you feel finding a note like this? Even better, how would you feel leaving a note like this? Being the one to start the ripple, not knowing where it will lead.

This is my inspiration for starting Project Smile On {Get it? It's like passing ON a SMILE....Smile.On.} Let's make the decision to spread positive messages instead of negative ones, think about others instead of ourselves, get out of our comfort zone, and of course Smile On.

Link up here to share pictures of the notes you leave behind. I hope that one day someone will link up who discovers one of these notes. Do you think we can spread that many smiles?
A T-Shirt and Pearls  
No need to write your name on the note, just a positive message. Sign the note "Project Smile On" to spread the word.

Here we go...changing the world one sticky note at a time.

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