Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Randomness {and exciting news!}

Welcome to this week's issue of Tuesday Randomness! If you want to start playing along link up here:

A T-Shirt and Pearls

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Let's start with a flash back to last week...

Have you ever been to Patient First? Have you even been at 8:00 at night? Have you ever been and shared your visit with every single person in Richmond that has the flu? Worst.Experience.Ever. Glad that's over!

This past weekend, hubby and I starting registering for baby girl. Wow, was that overwhelming! I have been doing lots of research on must have registry items and I still did not feel prepared when faced with aisles and aisles of baby items at Babies R'Us.

Isn't that presh?! It is one of the little treasures on our registry. Baby girl will be preparing to be a Delta Zeta in her pink & green preppy bib.

It turns out that once we figured out how to navigate the store {and how to get our scanner gun to work...of course we had a faulty one!} we didn't have much time left to register. I had discovered some unused P.F. Changs gift cards in my purse earlier in the week and we had dinner reservations waiting for us. This ended up being for the best because we have had the chance throughout the week to look online and talk about what we want and need for baby so we are ready for round #2 this weekend.

Sunday was spent organizing our documents and information for our tax man. We are not even doing our own taxes and this still took me all day. Repeat after me..."I solemly swear to keep all of my business records and expenses organized this year. For real." But taxes are yucky and uninteresting so enough on that.

On to something juicy...I just caught up on the season finale of Vanderpump Rules. Any other fans out there? I'll save the spoiler, but all I have to say is that I am seriously mad at Jax. I really had higher hopes for him {as if I actually know him and he would care what I think...isn't that what reality tv is all about?!}

I'm sure the reunion next week will be just as trashy interesting.

I also wanted to share some exciting news that I contributed a post to The Belly Blog over at the website What's In My Belly? What's In My Belly is a super fun FREE site for creating a baby pool guessing game. You know I am going to be creating one. I will let you all know when it's up so you can join the fun!

Until then check out my post about "6 Pregnancy-Safe (& Drug-Free) Remedies to Sooth that Cold". Here are some lovelies that are included in my post. Any other Lushies out there?

I hope you have had a fabulous and random Tuesday!


  1. Wahoo this is awesome! Your blog is growing so fast :-) Congrats on the new link up!

    PS I'm addicted to Vanderpump Rules!!!

    1. Thanks! I actually just figured out how to add the link-up widget. A little late but at least I know now. :)

      I didn't mean to get sucked in, but Bravo reality tv is a major weakness of mine!