Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Won! I Won!

Well this week I have something too exciting to share, so this post is in place of the regular Tuesday Randomness. Tune in any other day of the week for my random musings...

The other week I entered a giveaway hosted by Luisa @LaBelleMadeline. The giveaway was for a handmade headband from Kayla @Love Sparkle Pretty. I love entering these giveaways in hopes that I will be the lucky winner out of hundreds, and guess what...I was! Once the giveaway ended Luisa emailed me to let me know that I was the winner. I sent my contact info to Kayla and heard back right away. She is the sweetest. This afternoon I checked the mail and inside was a little envelope with Love Sparkle Pretty as the return address...hooray! My treasure had arrived. I came inside and ripped it open right away. Here is what I found...

Even the packaging is pretty! 

Kayla included a sweet hand written note, and look, its on a super cute bird notecard. This girl knows the way to my heart.

Check out the beautiful detail on the back of the flowers. There were even some little sparkles stuck on the felt. :)

Ok, now is where things got weird interesting. I of course wanted to show you all a pic of the headband on, but I have never attempted the self portraits/mirror pics that some girls are so good at it. Each picture got progressively worse and I felt more and more lame. 

So, after 20 or so pictures here's what you get...

OK, fine. In my efforts to "keep it real" with you all I'll show you this one too...

Ah, that's so terrible. Imagine what the others must look like if that is the one I have chosen to show you. Yea they are that bad. And yes, that is a spoon on the chair in the background. Don't even ask. 

To make things more exciting I may or may not have been singing this song to myself during the photo shoot...

Hey, it's catchy. What can I say.

I am so in love with my new headband! I was worried how it would fit because I have a small little head but it was just perfect. The flowers are the perfect cute little size because you can see them without it looking like I have a giant bouquet on my head. You can definitely tell that Kayla puts her heart into her work. The headband is of such good quality and I would recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to wear this little pretty with my Valentine's Day outfit. 

Like what you see? Visit Luisa and Kayla's blogs and follow along to join the fun. Visit Kayla's Love Sparkle Pretty etsy shop here to order your own pretties. She has an awesome variety and will even work with you to create a custom piece!

Thank you Luisa and Kayla for this fabulous giveaway!


  1. Aww so cute! :) Thanks so much for sharing the headband on your blog! I love it!!!

    1. Thank yoooou! I am seriously in love with it!! :)

  2. What a cute and funny post!!!!!! I'm so happy you won and I didn't have any doubt you would have loved the headband!;)
    Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Luisa! And, thanks for hosting a fab giveaway!! :)