Friday, February 22, 2013

Liquid Sunshine

Liquid sunshine is also known as citrus salad. Liquid sunshine just seems appropriate because that is what it tastes like...warm Florida {citrus} sunshine. Yum-o. 

I have always been a fruit lover (and will choose fruit over vegetables any day) but during my pregnancy I have been particularly craving citrus. Citrus cravings are said to be a sign that your baby will be a girl and for me it happened to be true. 

I got this citrus salad recipe from my mother-in-law who always serves it as part of our Christmas brunch. I scaled the recipe down since I am the only one eating it, but you can increase the proportions to make as much as you need. If you let it sit more than a few days the apples get a little funky, so I prefer to make it in smaller batches.  

Citrus Salad

1 grapefruit segmented
1 orange segmented
1 apple peeled and diced (I like to use Fuji...the original recipe uses Granny Smith)
1 small size can diced or crushed pineapple

Put everything into a bowl and stir. I include the juice from the canned pineapple because I like it juicy. I also take the leftover orange and grapefruit, after all of the segments are removed, and squeeze the remaining juice from the fruit out into the bowl.

Mmm drinking the juice from the bottom of my bowl is perfection for helping satisfy my citrus craving. When I take citrus salad for lunch at work I try and discreetly get all of the juice up with my spoon, but at home...I just tip the bowl up to my mouth and drink it down. No shame. 

I wish I would have taken some pictures of the segmenting process. If you don't usually do your citrus that way here's how:
1. Cut off the top and bottom of the fruit so it will sit flat on your cutting board and so that the top is open with the flesh of the fruit exposed. 
2. Take your knife and cut down the side of the fruit from top to bottom removing the peel all the way around.
3. Once you are left with a round piece of fruit that is peel-less {carefully!} slide your knife between the white membrane on each side of a segment so only the fruit comes out.
4. When you are done you will be left with the empty white membranes (which always taste yucky and bitter to me) and some juice. All of the fresh delicious fruit will be in your bowl ready to enjoy!

While this recipe has been a staple for me during my pregnancy it is delicious any time. Enjoy!

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